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Vanishing twin syndrome healing / therapy

Single-born twins often feel that they are not allowed to be here, they often have trouble taking in their place (here on earth) and in many cases it is also not known that they are single-born twins. Loneliness, feelings of guilt, fears (such as fear of commitment and fear of abandonment) are symptoms that can occur in single-born twins, but these feelings can of course also have a different cause.

A beautiful book that has been written about this is; The drama in the womb (The Surviving Twin Syndrome). It seems that even 1 in 10 pregnancies start with twins. By reading the book you can see if you recognize it or maybe your mother can tell you something about how her pregnancy was, maybe she lost blood during pregnancy and this could indicate a miscarriage of a brother or sister. Some people know/feel or see that they actually had a sibling, you can sometimes feel the presence or you may see images/visions, this is especially common if you are very spiritual and have psychic abilities or at a very young age if you are still very open, because many children see souls up to a certain age (think of ‘imaginary’ friends, etc.).

Feeling (a bit) down, depression and struggling with the right to exist (the feeling of not wanting or not being allowed to be here, not being worthy or not enjoying life) are important and typical things by which you can recognize a twin born alone. Personally, I feel that the people who are labeled as Highly Sensitive (HSP), Borderline or maybe even narcissistic (narcissistic traits) are often people who have experienced major trauma as is the case if you are a single born twin. You often feel misunderstood and you may also partly feel like a ‘bad’ person because of perhaps certain behavior that you often can’t seem to change, this happens unconsciously due to a certain trauma.

Through certain therapies or healings you can ‘clean up’ unconscious blockages and imbalances, which will make you feel better again.

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