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My name is Chanoe and from a young age I felt different. I have a deep interest in the meaning of life and how we can shape our lives the way we want through the Law of Attraction. When I’m not working I’m still working on all these themes and I like to learn new things! So this is not only my ‘work’ but also my passion & drive in life! I’d love to help you overcome obstacles that I’ve already overcome!

Do you want to know more about what I do? What exactly are readings and healings? Then take a look at the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more? Maybe the following answers can help you!

That depends on which reading you book and it’s clearly stated in the description when you order a reading in the webshop.

I do all kinds of readings such as New Moon & Full Moon Readings or a 1 question reading. With many readings you gain insight into certain processes or what is important to you right now, I do most readings on intuition and therefore no question is asked, you will be told exactly what you are allowed to hear at that moment! If you would like insight into a specific area of ​​life, you can book a 1 question reading. You can gain insight into why you get stuck in a certain area, how you can get out of this and what your next step should be to get this area of ​​life more balanced and experience happiness. So I give you the tools to let go of blockages and create a more fulfilling life.

That is a good question and a difficult one for me to explain. I have a razor-sharp connection with the Universe where I tune in to the Universe and your energy, from which I get my answers. There are different gifts; clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. Personally, I don’t like to give definitions here since these terms are ultimately made up by someone, but it can certainly be a useful guide. I would best describe my gift as claircognizance, in addition also clairsentience and clairvoyance, I feel what your blockages are and where they come from and this often even goes back to past lives and / or from the family line. After a reading you can also book a healing if you want to continue working together on the things you encounter and want to break patterns once and for all!

That depends on the type of reading! You will regularly see great offers on my site, my Facebook page and in my mailings! More important than the price is of course the value you get in return, you can feel for yourself whether you want a reading or not. All you have to do is listen to your intuition and hunches and you will always make the right choices. This way you also feel which reader or healer suits you best, maybe you didn’t end up on my site without a reason today 😉 ..

You can ask me almost anything as long as your intention is to gain insight into yourself and/or a situation. I’m not the type to predict your future because I don’t believe the future is 100% fixed. I can give you insights into situations and give you the strength to make the right choices and decisions. I can give you the tools you need to step into your power and be your true self. If you want to go All-in and experience real transformation I usually recommend a combination of a reading and healing.

-Life or death

I do not answer questions about life or death, an alternative is insight into your illness or complaint. I believe that every illness or complaint tells a story and I always get very clear answers about this. I am never a replacement for a doctor or therapist and always advise you to first go to the doctor for a diagnosis or possible treatment in case of serious complaints.


I’m not answering questions about if and when you’re going to get pregnant. I do want to give you insight into what you can work on yourself before there is the possibility of a child incarnating with you. I believe that sometimes you first need to solve certain traumas yourself before a ‘soul’ / child chooses to incarnate with you.

-When will…. to happen?

Exact time is not fixed and depends on the steps you take and the choices you make. The more you are in touch with your feelings & intuition and act in addition, the faster you will manifest positive things.

PS; Love questions I answer them with LOVE ♥, but with questions such as ‘Will my ex come back on my path’? I will give you a Yes or No answer, but I will also bring you back to yourself and your own process. Someone ISN’T in your life for a reason, there is a message behind it and I help you to gain insight into it and to heal your own things so that you can experience happiness in every area of ​​life!
Also if you experience a run & chase dynamic or don’t get a grip on your connection, that happens for a reason as well.

You will receive most readings by email or WhatsApp. You can also book a (Whatsapp) live consultation of 30 minutes, in these 30 minutes you can ask me one or more questions. Please note that I work from intuition and do not just give YES or NO answers, I want to help you further in your process and give you the opportunity to empower yourself and stand in your power. If you ask if someone comes back on your path, you will not only receive a YES or NO, but also a message with what you can work on yourself to experience more happiness in love. The consultation on Whatsapp is therefore for answers and insights. Because I believe that if you don’t learn your lessons, things won’t change. So an answer is never YES or NO, it’s a YES or NO depending on the steps you take in life. If you have traumas in a certain area of ​​life, this area will never be in harmony until you address your traumas. So if you have themes in your life that have to do with betrayal, deceit, feeling abandoned, you will often see this reflected in your life, for example in the field of work, love, family or in social contacts. You can break this vicious circle through healings. I have a lot of experience with this and have been able to help a lot of people!

With my healings I can help you release deep-rooted patterns and problems, this goes layer by layer so don’t expect results in 1 day. You must realize that themes have built up in our lives, in this life and past lives and you also carry a certain bagage from the family lineage. In fact, the basis of all our patterns and the things we encounter in our lives can be found in past lives and our family lineage. Everything is connected and that is why you can also dig deeper to find out the actual cause. Through a healing I can help you find out and heal these causes. I work on the following levels.

– Unprocessed emotions

– Traumas (birth trauma, loss of a loved one, etc.)

– Beliefs (for example: I am not worth it, I am weak etc.)

– Goals (for example: I want to experience more happiness in love or at work)

– Past lives

– Family lineage themes

– Karma from past lives and from the family lineage

You originated from your parents and everything they went through and didn’t solve (before you were born), you carry with you. There is no point in blaming your parents for something as they often weren’t even aware of their patterns and emotional blocks and often our parents try their best.
It’s also important to empower yourself and don’t see yourself as a ‘victim’ of circumstances.
I believe that on a soul level you choose your own parents to be able to learn the lessons you desire to learn in this life. The moment you become aware of the fact that you attract what you radiate (or that you attract what you believe or what you still carry with you) then you can change your reality by working on your issues and bagage from the past. I’d love to help you with that so you don’t get stuck in the same vicious circle anymore.

I do healings in real life and online. Mostly I work online with all my readings & healings. I can connect with you and your energy field just as well in person as from a distance. I receive help from the Universe and/or Angels and Guides, I connect myself to the Light and I receive all the information I need to know for the healing, I can ask or check this with a pendulum or biotensor, so you always get pure answers. I believe that all knowledge, wisdom and information is within us and is all around us, just as you can have telepathic contact with someone and sometimes already know or sense that someone is going to call you. With spirituality and in the work I do, I sometimes find it difficult to explain this very concretely to someone because many things in this work are not tangible, I also work from my intuition and not from my thinking, if I ‘turn off’ my thinking I receive the answers automatically and I just know what is wrong with someone or what I can look at to help someone further in their process, after the healing you will receive a report of what I encountered and healed. I understand that many people want to know and understand how this works, but you can’t really comprehend what I’m doing with your mind, you will feel it if you want or need this. If you focus too much on understanding how this works, you want to keep too much control and then it is difficult to come into surrender ‘mode’ and open yourself up to healing. So dare to trust your intuition, do you still have too many doubts to do healing or follow my 8 month program? Then your time will come naturally, don’t try to force anything and listen to your inner voice. Do you feel it is your time to embark on a profound transformation? Then you are at the right place and I will be happy to help you!

During a healing you can relax at a time & date that we have agreed together. It is important that you have no distractions from a partner and/or children when the healing takes place, other distractions such as a TV or mobile phone are also not allowed. Binaural beats, a guided meditation or soothing / meditation music are allowed, this helps you to relax and surrender. Would you prefer complete rest during the healing? That’s also possible! I always advise people to lie down comfortably, but you can also choose another comfortable position if that feels better to you. It is important to tune in to what you need during the healing and listen to it.

A healing always works, but nowadays we are already exposed to so many stimuli that it is better not to have any distractions during the healing and to really feel what is arising within you. See the healing as a moment of rest and quality time for yourself in which you can really feel what the healing does to you. If you feel like you can’t do this or you get very restless from lying still, you really need it! Embrace the turmoil in yourself and you will notice that it will subside by itself, often you will feel calmer during the healing.

– Tingling

– Heat

– Cold

– Yawning

– Emotions -> sadness, anger

– Memories of the past / images that emerge

– Tingling, heat, cold at a specific body part / chakra -> for example: the belly or head or for example at your throat chakra

Most people feel things during the healing, one person feels more than the other. You can trust that everything is fine, regardless of whether you feel a lot or a little. Very occasionally people feel almost nothing or very little. Sometimes it takes some time to get more in touch with your feelings and really more consciously perceive the subtle changes. Everybody is different! Healings bring profound effects to everyone, it always helps you to let go of layers and to get closer to yourself and your true self! Especially HSP clients see and feel effects more clearly, in my opinion this is because they are more attuned to their feelings and perceive things more strongly. My experience is also that many sensitive / HSP people carry more emotional baggage with them and have to clear it up, so they also experience more effect when they let go of this.

After a healing, many people feel relieved of emotional baggage and more liberated than before. The immediate effect is different for everyone, sometimes you can also get a headache or be extra emotional until a few days after the healing, you can also sometimes get some triggers on your path that help you to let go of the themes that we worked on during the healing. The long term effect depends on how deep your emotional blocks, patterns and certain themes are.

Suppose I work on your lack of self-love and self-confidence, this is a fairly broad ‘theme’ and if you don’t look at the small changes it can seem like it takes a long time before you see the result. That is why it is also very important to write down what you encounter and how much trouble you experience from this, then you will notice that after a number of healings you are much less bothered by this. So a concrete example is easier for me to work with.

For example
Lack of self love manifests itself in that I always efface myself for my partner and cannot set boundaries, I also find it difficult to express myself in the relationship and really be myself.

You will notice that after a number of healings you can more easily speak your truth, set boundaries and put yourself first. Be aware that the dynamic between you and other people will change as you become your true self. You can let go of what no longer suits you and what belongs to you will come your way when you start being your true self.

– A client with hay fever who has been suffering from it for years has been relieved of her hay fever after a number of sessions + supplements advice.

– A client who sacrificed too much and accepted too much from other people finally dared to tell her mother the truth after more than 40 years of silence

– A client has finally dared to take the step to quit her current job

– A client has finally found her dream job because she dares to show herself more

These are just a few examples, on Facebook and via Home you will find more reviews of my work. Change doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t have to force it, as soon as you clear what stands in your way you automatically become more your true self. So you no longer have to make an effort to stand up for yourself, make the right choice, set boundaries, etc. These changes will happen automatically thanks to the healing of old beliefs, patterns, traumas and emotional ballast. I can help you with all kinds of complaints & patterns. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual, everything is connected! Physical complaints or disorders can also be solved or reduced through healings, but I like to look at things holistically and see everything as a whole! It is therefore advisable to also look at your diet and to take good supplements in addition to the healings. I am also a health food advisor and Hormone Factor Trainer myself and can help you with that too.

– A reading mainly gives you insight, answers and/or confirmation. A reading is therefore recommended if you are curious, have specific questions that you want an answer to or if you get stuck in a certain area of ​​life. I’d love to help you gain more insights into yourself and get to know yourself better.

– A healing mainly helps you to let go of things layer by layer so that you return to your core, who you essentially are. When you let go of old ballast you will stand into your power, everything will flow, you will feel better and you will also feel lighter and more like your true self which makes you really happy. Everything is easier for you because you have cleaned up the ‘noise on the line’.

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