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I’d love to help you regain balance and release your emotional blockages, traumas and limiting beliefs or give you insight into patterns and certain situations.
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Find Your Innerself

Invest in yourself and your future!

In this program you will get a lot of insights in yourself, you will break patterns and find more balance in your life which makes it easier to attract more love, money, happiness and abundance in every area of life. 

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Change takes time! You must give yourself time to step into your power and become more of who you are meant to be, your highest potential!

We all suffer from ego patterns and we regularly sabotage ourselves through our beliefs & behavior. It is sometimes difficult to take steps yourself because you keep getting stuck or cannot break a vicious circle, sometimes you are not entirely clear why something happens and sometimes you do have the insight but you are still unable to break the pattern. Do you dare to invest time, money and energy in yourself or have you secretly lost hope that more happiness, love and abundance is destined for you?

I was able to get myself back on track from chronic fatigue and years of depression, so I know how despondent you can feel sometimes, but I also know that there is a solution for almost every problem or complaint!

I dare to say with full confidence that I am the right person for you to get to the bottom of your issues and give you insights into your patterns so that you can break through them and fortunately this will be a lot easier thanks to the healings anyway.

I have now done more than 1500 + consultations, with which I have been able to help many people to get closer to themselves and to relieve themselves of all kinds of complaints & patterns.

I am also almost full-time working with this work and new courses, webinars or courses, which means that I have built up a lot of experience and keep learning and deepening what I have learned. In the 8 month program with online learning environment I will therefore always provide you with the latest insights in the field of personal development, inner child work & healing.

In short, I know which tools can help you regardless of your complaint or problem! These techniques work for anyone who wants to work on themselves! Through insights into yourself & healings you will release old patterns, traumas and emotional blockages! And you will feel more free and happier!

This program is unique because I believe that everything is connected and I also express this in my program. My soul mission & life mission is ‘Connecting the dots’, so connecting everything together and putting this in the world to inspire & help many people at the points where they get stuck.

I think it’s an opportunity and a great challenge to connect the earthly with the spiritual since this often doesn’t happen (yet)! What I find interesting is that many people are only concerned with the physical body (for example fanatical sports / strength training and healthy food) or they are only concerned with the spiritual and sometimes even neglect the physical body a bit.

Many people with traumas & health problems are no longer completely connected to their body because you make the link that the physical body can bring you a lot of pain, often these beliefs have already arisen in past lives and I can help you find out and heal this. In the program I give you the knowledge to balance yourself and go through a huge transformation in terms of your health and how you feel, not only physically but also emotionally, energetically and on a soul level.

Although I have had many struggles due to an accident at the age of 8 followed by many surgeries and then chronic fatigue and depression, I know that this has been my path so that I would look for answers! It helped me to awaken and caused me to end up in a huge transformation! So I know that life can be tough and I always find it very interesting to find out where someone’s deepest pain is and help them to transform their ‘weakness’ into their strength. It is sometimes said ‘Make from your mess your message’, in other words if you heal your pain you can support, help and inspire others with your story and let your light shine in the world!

Much Love Chanoe💜

  • Supplements for 8 months worth € 1000,-.
  • Human Design report PDF (very extensive) ± 80 pages worth € 588,-
  • Astrological report € 699,- made by my mother Astrologer Anja van Dijk. We work together a lot and she already has her own practice as an Astrologer for more than 25 years. In this Astrological report you get a beautiful picture of your character, your strengths, your points of improvement and your soul mission & purpose in this life.
    Plus a conversation of 1 hour (chat of bellen t.w.v. € 180,-).
  • Do you have extra questions in between during this 8 months? An Insight horoscope with Astrologer Anja van Dijk is also included in the price of 1 hour including report afterwards worth € 220,-.
  • Hormone analysis + nutritional advice € 337,-
  • A complete program including videos or spoken text, a lot of written text, affirmations, meditations, assignments & 8 distance healings (1 h and 15 min per healing) worth € 2800,-. (you can follow this program in the online learning environment)

Total: € 5842,-

And all the support you could wish for during these 8 months! There is on average weekly contact between us. And if you’re a bit down you can always send me a message on Whatsapp, I like to keep the lines short and I think personal contact is important & nice in this process!

Are you ready?
If you sign up and pay the full amount in one go, you will receive the Human Design PDF completely FREE (worth € 588).

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Depending on your money mindset and your own income, I can imagine that you may not find it cheap to start this program. It is important to know that this is a once in a lifetime investment in yourself that will give you more than you could ever imagine! If you work with me I guarantee you an enormous transformation because I love to go in depth and it is all or nothing with me (in this process everything 😉 ..). So if you have any doubts or have the thought, I don’t know if this is the right choice for me. In any case, make sure that you try to tune in to your intuition and don’t let your ego guide you because the ego likes to keep you from transformation & change (the ego thinks change is scary… and not comfortable at all!! And you will go outside of your comfort zone when you embark on this journey). I’d love to help you make the right decision whether or not this program is for you. I think it is very important that you are really ready for it and want to go for it 100%, if in doubt I would say don’t do it! So do you feel you want to go all in? And would you like to talk to me about this? Then you can schedule an introductory call with me on the Homepage!

It’s better not to start this journey if you think it’s way too expensive and still have too many excuses not to stand in your power. If you are willing to really go for it, I would be happy to book an introductory call. During this journey we will work towards your transformation together and I will give 200% of myself to help you further, I expect the same from you! No more apologies!

For women who are ready for a huge transformation and are willing to invest money, time & energy in themselves! You are done with all the hassle in your life, you want to get more out of life and dream bigger! You want to experience more abundance in all areas of life and live your soul mission!


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