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Healing Birth Trauma

I am convinced that a birth is basically traumatic for many (if not all) children. One moment you are still safe with your mother and the next moment you are suddenly born, no longer nice and warm and safe in your mother’s belly. Unfortunately, nowadays there are also regular complications during pregnancy and/or childbirth and most childbirth no longer really resemble a natural childbirth due to, for example, certain medication or interventions, unfortunately this cannot always be prevented, but it often causes a certain aftermath for both mother and child.

Traumas are stored in the body, we have some kind of ‘cell memory’ in our cells and if your start as a baby is already bad then that is something you will carry with you all your life, until you do something about it. Through a distance healing I can help you solve your birth trauma. Even if birth went well, but your mother experienced certain things during the pregnancy or in the first weeks / months / years after you were born, you can still have some kind of trauma, because babies can take over things from the parents or even inherit trauma or emotional blocks from several generations ago.

Anything that the parents do not resolve in terms of karma, emotions or beliefs is often passed on to the next generation, until someone can break through the vicious circle and free themselves from it. I have different methods and lists that I use to find out what exactly is the cause of a certain complaint. If you suspect that you have psychological or physical complaints due to a birth trauma, you can contact me via Contact (top right). It is even possible that if the mother carries a certain trauma and cannot really fully enjoy life, the child will carry this with her/him and can only resolve it when you consciously start working with it. Through healings you can heal your traumas. You don’t necessarily have to know all the ins & outs of the birth, your first months, or your mother’s pregnancy, if you do know it, it can provide a lot of clarification and things might fall into place a bit sooner, but it is not necessary.

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