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Twinflame Reading & Distance Healing

For people who are in a twin flame process and still experience certain blockages, are still often triggered or are not yet together with their twinflame (and perhaps have no idea what is currently blocking the connection), a healing is highly recommended.​​

You may still have many unprocessed emotions and/or traumas from this life and possibly past lives. Soon I will write an article about how I experience the twinflame connection and I wonder if there is 1 truth, since I read different stories about how twinflames arise, for example. One thing is certain for me, that is that some things are just predestined and that there are certainly higher connections such as with soulmates or twiflames. It is also important that you do not confuse a higher connection with an obsessive crush that can arise from a lot of unprocessed pain, because the runner / chaser dynamic can sometimes be quite similar to the attraction / repulsion that occurs in people with fear of commitment & separation anxiety. Fear of commitment and fear of abandonment is common in twin flames (perhaps even always) but it does not necessarily mean that if there is attraction / repulsion in a relationship, you are dealing with a higher connection. You can recognize the connection with your twin flame, among other things, by the feeling you have together (coming home together, feeling safe, the click), certain signs / similarities / coincidences (many similarities in your life and that of your twin flame), dreams / visions (about your twin flame sometimes even before you met) & intense feelings that you (probably) have never experienced before. There are more recognition points, but for now I will leave it at the previous signals.

I can feel into the connection, but I think it’s very important that you trust your own feeling / intuition as well because I may not give you the answer you hoped or expected.

Twinflame Reading

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Twinflame Healing All In

Tweelingziel Healing All in

€ 1997,- (worth € 2352,-)

You both get 4 healings with a duration of 1 hour and 15minutes each including report of what blockages I found and have healed.

Only if I get permission from your twin flame his / her higher self then a healing for him / her at a distance is also possible. It is therefore possible that you want to request this healing and that it is not allowed or it’s not yet the right time. I also feel whether your intention of the healing is for him / her from unconditional love or to force the process. I think it’s important that someone first works on his / her own process and realizes that you can’t force the other person (and even if that would be possible you shouldn’t want to force it). Everything comes at the right time.

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I’m Chanoe and from a young age I felt different. I have a deep interest in the meaning of life and how we can shape our lives the way we want through the Law of Attraction.

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