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Tarot Reading Online by email, whatsapp or YouTube​

Are you curious about what the energy currently looks like for you? Which processes are you in now and what can you expect in the near future in terms of energy / processes / life lessons? What message do I have for you now?

3 card reading € 37,- mini or extensive for € 57,- via whatsapp. I will send this reading to you via Whatsapp or E-mail. This is not a live consultation or including Whatsapp conversation.

Let go of control and let the cards surprise you, you will get the message that you need to hear right now!

Twin Flame / Soulmate Reading via YouTube (PRIVATE) € 55,-
Twinflame / Soulmate reading via Youtube (private / hidden, only visible to you!).
This reading provides insight into the blockages in you and your twinflame / soul mate. On the basis of the reading you know which steps you still need to take to become more balanced and undo yourself of conditioning and old layers that aren’t aligned with your true self. The reading takes about 10 minutes, so 5 minutes about your blockages and 5 minutes about those of your twinflame / soul mate. I’m working on this for more than 30 minutes incl. preparation and shuffling the cards. So the 10 min are really effective 10 min and in the video the cards are not shuffled because I do that in advance!
TIP: Order a reading for yourself and a reading for the other now for € 85 instead of € 110. So you get 2 videos of 10 min.
URGENT: Are you feeling really down and do you want to receive the twinflame / soulmate reading faster? For 20,- extra you will receive the reading within 24 hours via email.

Reading via YouTube about your blockages
€ 55,-. This reading provides insight into your blockages. Where are you now? What blocks you from taking the next steps? These blockages apply to every area in your life, for example work, love and / or other areas. Certain blockages make it difficult to be successful or really happy in certain areas of our lives. This reading is 10 minutes long. If you prefer a reading of 20 minutes, you pay € 85 instead of € 110.

Would you like to ask a specific question? Or do you have several questions? Then a tarot reading via whatsapp is most suitable for you. Tarot reading 1 situation € 45,- (max. 30min)

What else is possible??

General Foto Reading

  • Will be send through Whatsapp

Foto Reading & Healing Animals

  • Reading will be send through Whatsapp

Healing unresolved emotions

(Distance Healings)
  • 2x 1u en 15min

Healing chakra's + 2 past lives

(Distance Healings)
  • 2x 1u en 15min


I’m Chanoe and from a young age I felt different. I have a deep interest in the meaning of life and how we can shape our lives the way we want through the Law of Attraction.

Find Your Innerself

Through this program you will gain a lot of insights into yourself, break patterns and therefore become more balanced so that you can attract more happiness, love, wealth and abundance in every area of ​​life in your life.

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