General Photo Reading



With this reading it might depend what you will hear about you or about the person for whom you request a photo reading. You can be assured that you will be told exactly what is important for you to know right now. You can send a question so that I know what is important to you and why you want insight into yourself or someone else. I cannot promise in advance whether this question will be answered. I prefer questions that ’empower’, for example why am I struggling with myself?
(A Yes / No question is not recommended because that often doesn’t get you any further in your process)
If you have a very specific question, it is better to book a Whatsapp Consultation or 1 question reading, if you want insight into a Connection, you can book the Relationship & Connection Reading Mini or Extended.
If you want a Photo reading from someone else, you cannot send any questions, you will receive a General Photo Reading and gain insight into, for example, the character and what this person encounters, this just depends a bit on what information comes through.

As soon as you have ordered the reading you can send me photos by e-mail or Whatsapp +31(0)633488270. I would like to hear if you would like to have yourself or someone else read and I would like to receive 2 photos, one recent and one that is slightly older so that I can also feel the difference in energy from, for example, 6 months ago, 1 year ago or 2 years ago. The eyes must be clearly visible on the photo, this makes reading the photo a lot easier! The question can be included in the e-mail in which you send the photos.