2 Healings (2x 1u & 15min.)



2 Healings (2x 1u & 15min.)
Through a distance healing I can help you to let go of things and break patterns. You can use this to work on blockages in every area of ​​life; work, family, friendship, love, etc. During the healing you can just lie down and avoid distractions so that you can really surrender and receive the healing energy. During the healing you can feel and experience all sorts of things, some people even fall asleep during the healing because they become so relaxed and it is also easy to work on deeper levels on your blockages, so falling asleep is totally fine!

What is allowed to do during the healing
-Listening to Binaural Beats
-Listening to a Guided Meditation
-Do nothing and lie in bed

What can be worked on
-Emotional blockages and traumas
-You can work on the basis of a goal you want to achieve, for example wanting to lose weight but you can’t seem to lose weight or wanting to change jobs but it stagnates (and you can’t find work).
-The impact of certain traumas can be looked at and these can be healed
-Certain patterns can be examined, why do you show certain behavior? Why are things always the same? Vicious circles can be broken

You can also look at….
-Past lives
-Ancestral Line & Family Patterns
-Karma, vows, curses

What has the most priority at that moment will come forward and be healed anyway!

Blockages did not arise in 1 day and are often not broken in 1 day, but I can say that 98% of people already feel a difference after the 1st healing, depending on the themes you want to work on and the steps you take yourself, before & after the healing. The healing will help you to transform and let go of your old identity!

Do I need a healing?
Everyone benefits from a healing because we all walk around with blockages due to what we have experienced in life. If we cannot process this, we continue to carry it with us and the Universe keeps bringing circumstances onto our path that help us heal, often in the form of a situation in which you feel the same kind of pain again, in the hope that you will now go inwards and really feel it, so you can let go of it. Because of unhealed trauma or emotional blocks, you will always attract the same circumstances in life; unattainable loves, setbacks at work (managers who treat you badly or abuse their position of power), financial setbacks, family disputes, etc.
In addition to the things we have experienced in this life, we also all carry with us emotional blockages and traumas from previous lives. Moreover, we also carry burdens with us from the family line, many of the themes we deal with did not even start with us but are coming from the family line, so you cannot put your finger on why certain things do not flow well in your life. Just look at the events in the ancestral line and you will see that there are many similarities! Time to break this and grant yourself more abundance and happiness!