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Highly Sensitive Person

I personally find high sensitivity an interesting subject, some people may doubt whether or not it exists (often these are the people who are not highly sensitive ;)*, no I am joking, basically it’s just a label and it seems logical to me that every person is very different, so one person is also more sensitive than the other and experiences things differently than the other (in short YES it is innate or genetically determined, but that doesn’t say everything…). In addition, I am also convinced that it does not have to be a burden, even though most highly sensitive people experience it that way for quite a few years of their lives. What I often see is that there are other underlying traumas, beliefs and unprocessed emotions that make you less empowered and the high sensitivity will ‘break’ you eventually. Because of this, many people eventually see it as weakness instead of strength. Because you are out of balance, many fears can eventually arise and life can overwhelm you. You cannot ‘unlearn’ high sensitivity, but you can learn to take good care of yourself and to ensure that you ‘clear’ unprocessed emotions, traumas and beliefs, so that everything is balanced again and the energy no longer stagnates. Once you start working with yourself (in whatever way, it’s important to intuitively find the way that suits you) things can flow better and you will feel better about yourself. There are many possibilities in terms of treatments, but it is wise to tackle it in different areas, including through nutrition and the ‘healing’ of blockages / themes, I can give you insight and coach you in this and help you to get back into balance through healings.​

Highly Sensitive Children (Baby's & toddlers)​

Every parent dealing with a highly sensitive child will notice that (especially if you have several children) one child may be more sensitive than the other. Where one responds especially well to structure, the other may not be out of balance so quickly and can deal well with changes in the environment or many stimuli.​

The role of the environment, traumas and the body.

Since a child arises from the parents, it is only logical that the basis of the child is formed from the parents. In other words, everything that the child ‘is’ is due to the basis that the child inherits. Not only do you inherit DNA or genes from your parents that make you look like your parents in terms of hair color, skin color or character, you can also carry emotions or traumas from your parents. So the body has some sort of cell memory that is active before birth, I believe that the child chooses its parents and therefore its lessons and themes. It strikes me that in the treatments I do with children, they often carry things from the parents, this is not a reason to feel ‘guilty’ about this, but a reason to take action and see if you can do something about certain complaints that often occur with high sensitivity.​

High Sensitivity and other complaints / 'symptoms' & characteristics

If there is a physical imbalance, for example in the intestines, thyroid gland, adrenals (stress can cause weakened adrenal glands and this can lead to a burn out in the long run) or another organ, then there can often be other characteristics such as; autism, ADD, ADHD, concentration problems (dreamy, unable to focus properly), fear of failure, depression and more…

High sensitivity often has a lot of impact on your life until you learn to find the right balance. Your work, social contacts and relationships can sometimes come under pressure, it can sometimes be a struggle to find balance without being constantly exhausted. High sensitivity therefore forces you to look at your behavior and patterns and to make choices for your own health. Living in survival mode is tough for everyone, but especially for someone who is highly sensitive. You can’t keep walking on your toes forever because eventually you won’t be able to keep up with that anymore. Full-time work is certainly possible with high sensitivity, but it is just very important that you do something that suits you, follow your heart and your passion. Helping others makes many empathic / highly sensitive people happy, HSPs often also have a weakness for animals. In children you sometimes notice that very strong connection with animals. Being in nature or being on your own often helps you to ‘recharge’ and regain your strength, so that the energy flows again. If you are quickly tired, gloomy or overstimulated, I can help you with this through a remote healing.

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I’m Chanoe and from a young age I felt different. I have a deep interest in the meaning of life and how we can shape our lives the way we want through the Law of Attraction.

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