1 Question Tarot Reading



You can ask a question about a certain topic, this can be anything. It is important to me that you are willing to look at your own blockages why things are not flowing smoothly in your life. So you can, for example, ask if your ex will come back on your path, but if you are not willing to look at what you can solve first, then I am not the person for you to make a reading. I want to empower you, help you gain strength, provide insight and help you solve blockages. So I will always give you a reading with a clear answer, but also why something, for example, does not flow and what you can do about it. Unlike some other readers or healers who might just answer a Yes or No, this doesn’t feel right to me at all and I’ve decided to be completely true to myself and only answer questions from people who want to move on in life and also want to take responsibility for themselves and their own process!