Healing Animals



Just like people, animals can become out of balance due to possible traumas or things they sense through their owner. Animals, just like children, are super sensitive and are very open to the environment and everything that happens around them. The chakras can be brought back into balance through healing. I also look at the following things; trauma energy, organ systems, aura and more..
I would like to hear about traumas, operations and special events before I start the healing. This way I can heal more specifically and deeply than without background information. Afterwards you will receive a report of unprocessed emotions, trauma energy or other imbalances by email or via WhatsApp. Physical complaints can sometimes also be resolved through healing, depending on what the cause is. Animals, like children, will tend to absorb emotional blocks from their family members and carry burdens for us. Emotional blockages may also be inherited, such as when one of the (grand)parents is only used for ‘breeding’ and therefore does not experience (family) love but is/was purely an object of use. Operations, the loss of a loved one or vaccinations can also play an important role. Being taken from the nest too early or having experienced little motherly love can also have a lasting impact on an animal, and healing can help with this.