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Doterra oils for detoxing / cleaning the body

Doterra Wild Orange, Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit (in the water)

Essential oils are widely used because they work more strongly than herbs and also have a positive influence on the emotions. Essential oils act directly on the brain through the smell, because our brain is in contact with the olfactory receptors.

When we inhale essential oil, those molecules go through the nose to a receiving neuron (nerve cell) which then transports it to the limbic system (the limbic system has to do with memories and emotions, etc.). Essential oil can therefore have a very quick positive effect on the state of mind, but can also have a deeper effect on, for example, traumas (recommended in combination with EMDR, for example). Besides the fact that you can put the essential oils in a diffuser, so that the wonderful scent is spread quickly and it can have a positive effect, you can also put some Doterra oils through the water for a delicious taste and a positive effect on body & mind.

Some essential oils that are used a lot in a glass of water:

Wild Orange : positive influence on the mood
Citroen : cleansing / detoxing
Grapefruit : supporting the liver, works against cellulite
Limoen : cleansing / detoxing

In a jug of water you only need a few drops to get a delicious taste to the water.

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