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For people who would like more insight into certain things / certain areas of life, a Tarot reading is highly recommended. The Tarot cards tell your whole story, your fears / doubts / insecurities, strength / talents and much more..  Through a reading I will tell you exactly what yo need to hear at that moment so that you can take another step in your process. You can also have an additional healing done with me to break through unconscious beliefs, triggers, patterns and behavior, traumas can also be resolved through a healing. (Since an imbalance does not arise in 1 day, not all your problems are solved with 1 healing, you should see it like peeling an onion, where you peel off layer by layer until you get to the core!)

You can book a Tarot Reading via Email or book a live reading via Whatsapp (chat), look at Services to find the current prices!

You can ask questions about any situation or area such as work, study, love, health & (spiritual) development. Obviously I don’t do diagnoses or anything related to health as I’m not a doctor! I can give you insight into the things that block your health or where any complaints come from, I can also give you some nutritional tips since I am a Natural Food Advisor and Trainer Hormone Factor!

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I’m Chanoe and from a young age I felt different. I have a deep interest in the meaning of life and how we can shape our lives the way we want through the Law of Attraction.

Find Your Innerself

Through this program you will gain a lot of insights into yourself, break patterns and therefore become more balanced so that you can attract more happiness, love, wealth and abundance in every area of ​​life in your life.

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