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Rider Waite Tarot Love Prediction

I get a lot of requests regarding love. Love is one of the most fun but also the most complicated subjects because we are not only dealing with you but also with another person.

I myself believe that many things are destined, but we also have free will here on earth, so if you do not want to ‘learn’ certain lessons and keep following the same patterns, then something may be for you, but if you don’t want to accept certain opportunities then it will be very difficult ;)​

In a tarot reading you can certainly see whether there is a good chance that it will become a relationship between you and a potential partner, you can also see what the blockages are and how someone stands in relation to you (feelings / thoughts).

Of course no one can give you 100% certainty and you must always follow your own feeling and take responsibility for your own choices and your own life.


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I’m Chanoe and from a young age I felt different. I have a deep interest in the meaning of life and how we can shape our lives the way we want through the Law of Attraction.

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