Year Reading Extended



The Extended Year reading is 2 times as long as the Mini Year Reading and with extra discount!

Curious about which processes you will go through in the coming year? Receive answers & insights through this annual reading! It’s very nice to come back to this reading during the year (to feel supported and get new insights), you know exactly what you can focus on or what’s important during the year and what growth you’re going to go through. Thanks to this reading you have more insight into the steps you can take to go through a certain growth during the coming year. These annual readings are extra nice if you book it around your birthday (the last 2/3 months) or have a birthday somewhere in the next 2/3 months, since you have a whole new year ahead of you (from an Astrological point of view). The energy is very different every year from the day of your birth than the previous year and this energy can already be sensed 3 months before your birthday.