Tarot Reading Whatsapp or Videocall / Zoom



In this consultation via whatsapp (or Zoom/Videocall) of 30 minutes you can ask me anything you want an answer to. I have had a typing course so I type very quickly and you can get a lot of answers and insights from this consultation. It is important to me that you are willing to let go of control and let the answers come to you! I like clients who take responsibility for themselves and want to be inspired to work on themselves. Since everything in your life is a reflection of your beliefs and your ‘inner world’, I think it’s more important to give you insights into yourself so that everything in your life will flow again! Count on being able to get answers to 1 or 2 questions, I work intuitively and pass on the messages that are important to you!

*I can also give you insight into certain complaints if you think it’s mainly emotional but make sure to always contact a doctor to be reassured that nothing else is going on. Emotions and the physical body are deeply connected and it’s always good to work on your emotions but never forget that you need to take responsibility for your health and take care of your physical body as well. You are always responsible for your own health!