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Doterra Peppermint​

Peppermint oil can be used for many different complaints, but it is most often used for headaches, migraines, colds and intestinal complaints (such as IBS).

Research shows that peppermint oil is more effective than regular medicines that are normally prescribed for IBS, because it is a muscle relaxant and analgesic. Compared to a placebo, Peppermint oil actually has more effect with an average success rate of 58% compared to 29% with a placebo.

Also a study on the effectiveness of peppermint oil for headaches showed really positive results!
A comparison was made between paracetamol, a placebo and peppermint oil. The study found that acetaminophen and peppermint oil were more effective than a placebo, and it found that peppermint oil was just as effective as the acetaminophen. The headache subsided within 15 minutes when using Peppermint oil as an essential oil.

The oil can be diluted with Doterra Fractionated Coconut Oil if it tingles too much on the forehead or on the neck and shoulders.

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