Chanoe van Dijk

Chakra Reading & Distance Healing + Past Life Distance Healing

For the people who feel that they still suffer from certain blockages, so that things do not go well in life, I have been doing chakra readings & distance healings for quite some time now.

We agree on a time when you will ‘relax’, lie comfortably on the couch or in bed with possibly some quiet music in the background (for example meditation music) and I will connect with you energetically and see where you still have blockages, you will receive a report from the chakras and I will let you know where there is an imbalance / blockage. Through the healing I ensure that the chakras come back into balance. In addition, I also do a healing of 2 previous lives (some people have blockages from even more lives, you can solve those lives as well afterwards through a healing, but that is not mandatory. What is solved normally creates an enormous relief quite quickly, so it is not the case that you necessarily have to heal all lives with blockages before you notice an effect). I will let you know from how many lives I have found blockages and after that it is up to you whether you want to continue with this through a healing. I regularly post reviews on my Facebook page from people who have already had a healing with me.

The healings can be ordered (per 2) in my webshop via Services!


I’m Chanoe and from a young age I felt different. I have a deep interest in the meaning of life and how we can shape our lives the way we want through the Law of Attraction.

Find Your Innerself

Through this program you will gain a lot of insights into yourself, break patterns and therefore become more balanced so that you can attract more happiness, love, wealth and abundance in every area of ​​life in your life.

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Chanoe van Dijk

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